@use JSDoc


@classdesc <some description>


The @classdesc tag is used to provide a description for a class, separate from the constructor function's description. Use the @classdesc tag in combination with the @class (or @constructor) tag.

The functionality of the @classdesc tag in JSDoc 3 duplicates that of the @class in previous versions. As of version 3, the syntax and functionality of the @class tag now exactly matches the @constructor tag, and the @classdesc tag more explicitly communicates its purpose: to document a class's description.


As shown below, a class has places for two descriptions, one applies to the function itself, while the other applies to the class in general.

A doclet with both a constructor function description and a class description
 * This is a description of the MyClass constructor function.
 * @class
 * @classdesc This is a description of the MyClass class.
function MyClass() {