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Including a Package File

Package files contain information that can be useful for your project's documentation, such as the project's name and version number. JSDoc can automatically use information from your project's package.json file when it generates documentation. For example, the default template shows the project's name and version number in the documentation.

There are two ways to incorporate a package.json file into your documentation:

  1. In the source paths to your JavaScript files, include the path to a package.json file. JSDoc will use the first package.json file that it finds in your source paths.
  2. Run JSDoc with the -P/--package command-line option, specifying the path to your package.json file. This option is available in JSDoc 3.3.0 and later.

The -P/--package command-line option takes precedence over your source paths. If you use the -P/--package command-line option, JSDoc will ignore any package.json files in your source paths.

The package.json file must use npm's package format.


Including a package file in your source paths
jsdoc path/to/js path/to/package/package.json
Using the -P/--package option
jsdoc --package path/to/package/package-docs.json path/to/js